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What are the top 4 reasons that modern couples file for divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Divorce |

No marriage lasts for years without some kind of hardship or conflict developing. Some couples overcome marital discord and stay together, while others eventually file for divorce and go their separate ways.

If you are currently in the middle of a difficult time in your marriage, you may wonder whether your relationship is salvageable or if you need to take a drastic step to protect yourself for your future happiness. Learning about the top four reasons why couples file for divorce can help you better analyze your circumstances.

Irreconcilable differences or incompatibility

People change throughout their lives, and not every couple has the tenacity to adjust their relationship as the people in it evolve and change. Perhaps one of you has recently shifted their religious or political opinions, leading to major disagreements about issues on which you once saw eye-to-eye. When the conflict is too intense or lasts for too long, some couples decide that it is time to change the situation by ending their marriage.

Financial issues

Few things stress a marital relationship like financial problems. Whether you have differing opinions about spending versus saving habits or have recently discovered that your spouse has a lot of secret gambling debt, financial problems could lead to the end of your marriage.


Addiction comes in many forms. It could involve stopping at a bar before coming home every night, buying pain pills from neighbors or compulsively gambling. Even sex or porn addiction can strain family relationships and lead to financial issues.


The top reported reason for people ending their marriages is unfaithfulness. Discovering that your spouse has had a string of one-night stands or has an ongoing physical relationship with one of their co-workers can destroy the trust and affection between spouses.

The analysis of divorce causes also list extraordinary circumstances, like severe illness or the death of shared children, as a top reason for divorce filings. If you recognize your relationship in any of these situations, it could be a warning sign that your marriage is in trouble. Exploring your feelings can give you a better idea about whether you can resolve the conflict or need to consider filing for divorce to move on with your life.