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Many legal moments are personal, but few are as intimate as probate. Your loved one’s entire life can feel on display. At Deal Moseley di Santi Garrett & Martin, LLP, we are methodical and detail-oriented as we manage the legal nuances of probate in a compassionate setting.

Our attorneys combine experience from across the legal industry and different areas of practice to help create effective solutions that anticipate your long-term needs. Our firm has served Boone area residents for decades, and we are proud to offer top-tier service to our neighbors and community. To schedule an appointment at our firm, reach out online.

A Brief Overview Of The Probate Process

In North Carolina, probate takes one of two tracks. If your loved one died with a will or trust in place, their stated wishes take priority. Otherwise, North Carolina has probate laws that determine how to manage the estate and distribute property.

As the executor of the estate (often the deceased’s closest blood relative), you are responsible for following the probate laws. You must ensure that you account for the estate in full, including any investments, assets and other property. You will need to pay any and all bills, including debts and funeral expenses. Then, you must distribute the property appropriately. A misstep can lead to the courts holding you personally responsible for the error.

Get Professional Guidance From Trusted Attorneys

As you begin the probate process, please know that you do not need to manage probate on your own. There are legal resources and compassionate attorneys at our office, ready to help. Call us at 828-263-4721 to speak with our team.