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Are Traffic Violations Putting A Stop To Your Plans?

Every driver violates traffic law at one time or another; speeding, parking in the wrong spot or ignoring a stop sign when no one else is on the road. Most of the time, these violations are innocuous and just lead to a minor fine, but repeated violations or a more serious violation can have a significant impact on your life, including challenges to your ability to drive and exorbitant insurance fees.

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How Your Traffic Record Can Change Your Life

Chances are good that when an officer pulls you over on the road, you do not expect it to be a huge deal – everyone speeds, right? But any change to your driving record follows you for years. In North Carolina, every driver’s record is subject to a point system, with many violations assigning you points. If you have too many points, the Department of Transportation must suspend or restrict your license.

License restriction can mean you are no longer able to get to work, pick up your child from school or run simple day-to-day errands. The impact is devastating and can lead to financial hardship. This is all in addition to the rising insurance bills.

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