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How workers’ compensation disability benefits can help employees

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Most people don’t have much detailed knowledge about workers’ compensation. Technically, almost all employees in North Carolina have the protection of workers’ compensation coverage, but very few of them ever actually use it. Still, nearly anyone who gets hurt in a workplace incident could file a claim for benefits. Workers can even qualify for benefits after a doctor diagnoses them with a condition caused by their employment.

Workers can receive comprehensive medical benefits that cover the full cost of necessary treatments. They may also potentially be eligible for disability benefits. Disability benefits help replace lost income when someone cannot work. What does a worker in North Carolina typically need to know about disability benefits?

There are multiple types of disability benefits

People sometimes have an overly-restrictive idea of when disability benefits apply. For example, people often assume that only those who cannot work at all qualify for disability benefits. There are permanent, total disability benefits that help those who cannot work at all because of a health challenge related to their employment. However, there are also temporary disability benefits available for those who have a short-term interruption in their work capabilities. There are also partial disability benefits available if workers have to move to lower-paid professions but can continue working.

Benefits don’t fully cover wages

Disability benefits might be the only source of income helping someone pay their bills after a job injury or a diagnosis of an illness related to employment. Unfortunately, people generally do not receive full replacement of their wages. North Carolina limits workers to at most two-thirds of their average weekly wage when receiving disability benefits through workers’ compensation. Even then, there is a state maximum amount for benefits that applies. Workers may still fall behind on their monthly bills if they have a tight household budget. It is therefore often crucial for those facing work-related medical issues to understand the benefits available.

With the right assistance, employees can potentially maximize the support they receive through workers’ compensation benefits. Learning more about the different benefits available can make a major difference for those unable to work due to health challenges that relate to their employment.